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Website Designer Hired for Cannabis Awareness

If you are reading this, which you are, then you're visiting our new website. We've contracted with a freelancer to design a website. It will have more info as well as have a tailored design just for our association. Please browse around the pages.

The person we hired is Tina Tidmore, a freelance communications specialist since 2009. Before that, she was a newspaper editor and publisher for 7 years. And before that, she managed a classified advertising publication she owned for 7 years. So she brings design, writing and marketing/public relations skills.

When interviewing Tina, we were pleased to see she has experience in nonprofits, both as a contracted help for a research foundation and a patient advocacy charity. She served as president for another 501(c)6, which is the type of nonprofit organization our association is.

Tina also has experience with government, having written about government actions as a news reporter, but also as an advocate to federal agencies, including the FDA and a disease-related federal advisory committee (that was discontinued during the Trump administration).

Tina has won national and state-level award for her website designs. She's a member of the Alabama Media Professionals and the Center for Plain Language, an organization that promotes the plain language style. She's been a Wix Partner since 2019.

But in addition to website design and writing skills, Tina also is a graphic designer. She helped with designing a logo.

"The new logo communicates the cannabis plant in a relaxing and comfortable and modern form," Tina said. "It also will stand out when seen from a distance because of the red. And it says 'medicine' with the Cadaceus symbol. I formed it into a similar look and used a couple of the colors from the National Cannabis Industry Association, which ACIA is affiliated with."

We're now working on getting inbound links to our website and then have it registered with Google. Let Tina know if there is any errors or anything else you think could be improved.

We want to thank the folks at A&M Scientific for donating their time to create our first website last year.

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Website created by Tidmore Communications

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