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New Volunteer Joins Alabama Cannabis Industry Association

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

We're pleased to announce that Lori Sartain, a new ACIA individual member, has contacted us to offer help as a volunteer. Lori has already created a marketing video for us.

Lori said she joined and wants to help because, as she said: "I think it's important to get the news out. I know people with cancer that this is the only thing that helped them be able to eat."

"She just found me online," said Chey Garrigan, our executive director. "She's already had some good ideas for how to use our logo on the Alabama License plates."

Check out the first video she made:

As you can see, it's short and simple. It's just the beginning. But she posted it on her own business YouTube channel, which is good exposure. (We'll be creating our own YouTube channel soon.)

In addition to videos, Lori also works at selling promotional products, which we are planning to use for public awareness. "Our members may also decide they need promotional products for their business, so it's good to have this connection," said Chey.

Who is Lori Sartain?

If you are into horses, you may know Lori. If you have a business that needs marketing, you may know Lori. If you are an Alabama Public Television viewer, you may know Lori.

She's a very busy lady. We're glad she;s making time for helping us.

She was a show producer for five news shows for Alabama Public Television for 13 years, including one named after her. Although, that was before she remarried. She was known there as "Lori Cummings."

Lori's Businesses

Since she left APT, she now runs Ariel Media Group, a marketing business, and she sells promotional products. And this business has eWave, which is described as, "America's first Multi-Channel Online TV Network group with over 30 channels of Radio & TV networks for Indie Producers to house their products. It is the first social media site of it's kind."

Lori also has 2 websites she runs as businesses. One is a social media platform for horse-lovers in Alabama, There people can share news and sell horse-related products. The other is My Foodies, a place for recipes. But it's also becoming an online, mail-order farmers market for Alabamians. What a great way to connect good food consumers with good food growers--keeping it local.

Lori's Other Volunteer Work

As much as she likes us, she gives of herself to others, also. She is the president of the Horse Rescue Council of Alabama, a charity that helps find homes for abused and abandoned horses.

She also manages the Alabama Trail Rides Facebook group, where horse owners share news of great places to ride.

You can find out more about her work history and current projects at her LinkedIn account.