Alabama Cannabis Industry Association™ Board and Advisors

Our Team

Chey Garrigan

Chey Garrigan

Executive Director & President

​Chey, who founded our organization, is often the “face” of the association in Montgomery and to the public. Her main activities are lobbying, speaking to news media, and managing public awareness. She also manages member benefits and the administration of the association.

Chey’s background is in large-scale land development projects and city planning. This experience equips her to lead the association’s day-to-day operations.

Edward Woerner

Edward Woerner

Edward Woerner is a partner in Eddie Boy’s Soil Prep, LLC, a company that purifies and pasteurizes soil to organic condition.

He has provided this service for cannabis growers.

He and his whole family have generations in agriculture inventions and improve industry operations, particularly in sod. And he has a small hemp operation. His interest is in expanding the opportunity for cannabis for Alabama farmers through political advocacy and promotion.


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